The Gingerbread Man continues…

The children arrived back at school on Monday to discover that gingerbread family had left a big mess in our classroom. There were some wonderful conversations about what happened and how they got into our classrooms. The children then wrote down clues and their ideas.

The following day we received a letter from the gingerbread family asking if we could bake some gingerbread men for them as their oven had broken. The children looked at recipes and talked about what we would need.

On Wednesday, the children spotted some ginger bread men in our classroom and were so excited to count how many they could find!

The children then spent the next two days writing letters and looking for more clues.

Today, the children have enjoyed baking their very own gingerbread men!

We have also been very busy with our maths practicing subtraction and phonics with recapping sounds and various other activities!

Finally, Miss Ferguson enjoyed making the most of the giant puddles with paint and waves!

This week the books on Bug Club are ‘The fox and the ducks’ and ‘The Thing’.

We hope you have a lovely half term! 🙂

Gingerbread Man!

A very exciting week in Reception! We have been learning the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and were shocked when a video was sent to us of the gingerbread family in our class! Children got to work on some fantastic maps on where they thought he had gone, building gingerbread houses and making traps.

They also made posters to stick around the school!

The following day we were sent another email with a video of the gingerbread family running through secondary school. We decided we needed to write letters to the ‘big school’ to ask if they had seen anything or spotted any clues.

On Friday, Reception visited Dunraven Secondary school to deliver our letters and look for more clues. Luckily, we bumped into a teacher who said she saw some crumbs in the corridor! Next, we headed to the main reception desk and were delighted to be given a letter left for us from the gingerbread family.

We took it back to classroom and read it together. Turns out they are still running from us… I wonder what will happen next week!

The children have loved all the gingerbread activities too!

We have been exploring lots of maths activities that develop skills of problem solving, memory and also encourage good turn taking and team work. The children have absolutely loved playing pairs!

This week on Bug club our books are ‘The Quiz went Fizz’ and ‘Sharon and Flash’.

Let’s hope the lovely weather continues and many more ‘sunbeds’ are created!

Have a fab weekend! 🙂

Weekly round up

This week in English, we have been reading the book ‘Anna Hibiscus’ song’ by Atinuke and Lauren Tobia. In the story, Anna find lots of different ways to feel happy. We talked about what makes us feel happy and the children came up with lots of different answers including seeing rainbows, hugging parents and staying up late!

Image result for anna hibiscus song"
Sentence writing using finger spaces

In our writing activities, we have been learning to write sentences using a capital letter, finger spaces and full stops. In phonics we have learned the sounds ‘sh’, ‘th’, ‘ng’ and ‘ch’ and tricky word ‘they’.

Our Bug Club books are ‘Top Dog’ and ‘Munching Lunch’ . Please read them online and let me know how you get on with them!

On Monday, we decided to turn the role play area into a cafe and the children have worked hard writing menus and taking orders as well as exploring money when paying for their food.

Apple class have also spent a lot of time this week creating car tracks with various construction materials both inside and outside. They experimented with different types of track and created tunnels and bridges using crates, blocks and even a fire engine! The children learned to make predictions and adaptions to their tracks and created some really interesting pieces!

Have a lovely weekend!

Chinese new year and a very friendly giant…

This week we have been learning about Chinese new year and how people celebrate different festivals around the world. We found out that the colour red is thought to be lucky and we made red paper lanterns and dragon puppets as well as writing about what we have found out. Here is some of our lovely writing…

Here is the Chinese new year story:

Apple class spent a lot of time last week making amazing ‘giant food’ in the mud kitchen and hoped that a real giant would come and eat it. On Tuesday, we were very excited to find that the food we had left out had gone and there was a letter hanging on the fence!

We read the letter and found out that the giant had lost his teddy and wanted us to help him bring it back. The children got to work making maps and writing replies to the giant’s letter.

We then found the giants house in our secret garden! We knocked on the door but he wasn’t there so we left the teddy and our replies there for him to find. I wonder what will happen next…

Delivering the letters and teddy to the giant’s house!
In the Secret Garden
We have really enjoyed constructing some amazing Lego buildings this week!

Our Bug Club books this week are ‘Quick Quick Quick’ and ‘ The Hunt’. We hope you all enjoy reading them at home.

Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

Weekly roundup

This week has been another busy week for Apple class!

In English we have been studying the poem ‘I am angry’ by Michael Rosen. We have been learning to retell and have come up with our own actions to go with it. We also had a discussion about what makes us feel angry and what we can do to make ourselves feel better. On Friday we drew pictures in response to the poem, come and see them hanging up in the classroom – they are amazing!

Here is the poem read by Michael Rosen – ask us to show you the actions at home!

In Maths we have continued learning about numbers within 10, this week learning to identify one more and one less than a given number. We have been learning to use ten frames, number lines and cubes to help us.

Here are some other photos from this week!

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

First week back!

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely break and a happy new year to everyone. We have had a fantastic first week in Reception.

The children have enjoyed learning about keeping their teeth healthy and strong! We have discussed the importance of brushing your teeth twice a day and what food and drink are good for our teeth. The children have enjoyed building a dentist role play area and acting own experiences of being at the dentist. There has been some wonderful language used by the children such as ‘cavities’ and ‘vitamins’.

‘Next patient please!’

In maths, we have been focusing on developing a deeper understanding of numbers 0-8 and have explored quantity using ten frames and cubes.

The children have also created a hairdressers today and have enjoyed styling all their friends (and teachers!) hair using rollers, brushes and bows. They even created their own hair washing station. If we have any parents or relatives that are hairdressers or barbers and would like to chat to the children about their job, please let us know!

Over the weekend, can you practice reading and writing the tricky words ‘I’, ‘the’, ‘to’, ‘go’ and ‘no’.

Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

The last week!

This week we had our Early Years and Key Stage 1 Nativity, which was a huge success! The children sang beautifully, remembered all of the actions and really enjoyed themselves! Here are some photos:

On Wednesday we also had our Christmas lunch, the children made and decorated hats to wear and had lots of fun singing along the Christmas music that was playing in the lunch hall!

For our end of term treat, the children voted to have a ‘sleepover party.’ We made the classroom cosy with lots of blankets and cushions and watched the film ‘Happy Feet.’ We then played musical statues, musical bumps and even had a dance off!

Have a lovely and restful break and see you all in the new year! 🙂